I Believe In Me Crystal Set
I Believe In Me Crystal Set

I Believe In Me Crystal Set

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Allow yourself to feel empowered as you balance and energize your chakras bringing your mind, body, soul in alignment. Have a greater understanding of your purpose so you can move forward with acceptance, confidence, clarity, truth and love. Believe in yourself and live, sing, create the life you came here to sing. Excellent for children and youth of all ages.

As the chakras or energy centres balance in your body, you will have more clarity, purpose and accept yourself for the real person you are. Release emotions that no longer serve you and empower yourself to be guided on creating the divine space your soul needs to achieve infinite possibilities.

Included in this set:  Seven Crystals, Metal Crystal Case, Cloth Crystal Bag, Crystal and Affirmation Card all in a beautifully gift wrapped box ready to give to yourself or loved one.  

All the crystals have been cleansed with green photo light to contain only pure energy then enhanced with Hertz frequency through carefully selected Quantum Biofeedback Technology to shift your frequency to a higher level. Place the crystals around you, on your chakras, in your home, work space, pocket, under your pillow or any space necessary to remind yourself  to Believe In you, for you have the power inside you. Speak the affirmation daily to empower and accept yourself for who you truly are.

The crystals included in this set are:

Amethyst - Heal, Clear Thoughts, Protect

Aventurine - Courage, Purpose, Prosperity

Carnelian - Energy, Stabilizing, Creativity

Citrine - Confidence, Clarity, Power

Clear Quartz - Guide, Cleanse, Purify

Red Jasper - Ground, Strength, Protection

Sodalite - Negative Thoughts, Fear, Truth