I Believe In Me Signature Gift Set

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Empowerment - Clarity - Believe - Acceptance - Balance - Purpose

Bring love, abundance, happiness and health into your life with I Believe In Me Chakra Balancing Signature Gift Set.

As the chakras or energy centres balance in your body, you will have more clarity, purpose and accept yourself for the real person you are. Release emotions that no longer serve you and empower yourself to be guided on creating the divine space your soul needs to achieve infinite possibilities.

Included in the Signature gift set are seven frequency enhanced crystals through biofeedback technology that have been cleansed with green photo light to bring you the purest, loving energy, crystal bag, crystal guide, affirmations, frequency enhanced through Biofeedback technology crystal bracelet, crystal vibrational essence spray to shift your frequency or others by spraying on or around you, in your house, office, car or any space you feel necessary to shift the frequency to bring balance, clarity and acceptance. Great for children, youth of all ages, and people sensitive to smells for no essential oils are added.