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We all need guidance, support for we can not do it alone. Connecting to the Divine, Universe, Source is a way for us to hear the answers we need to hear. First you have to send your question or message to be heard. Through the Crystal Affirmation Grid you will send a clear message to hear your divine answers. Using this 6 inch wooden grid will allow you to be heard, write your message on a piece of paper, place in the middle of the crystal grid, place a crystal from either one of the themed crystal boxes or use your own, then place at least four or more other crystals around the grid, place on the affirmation words, logo, dots, or any where on the grid you feel called to, to send your message up to the universe. Say the affirmation words daily to help shift your thinking to a positive state. When your message has been answered, you can start over with a new message, repeat as often as you need. Available in eight themes: Unconditional Love, Release My Fears, Releasing Past Patterns, Finding My True Power, Guardian Angel, Cleanse My Space, Guide Me Through, Guiding My Way.

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