About Tina Arndt


In this world of change, many of us have felt so alone on our journey, as I have too. Looking for guidance was not an easy road for me for I felt no one understood the way I felt or was feeling or believing things the way I did. Trusting someone to open up to was the hardest. In a world where we are taught to be a certain way, living in other people's opinions or versions, is hard to truly be yourself. After spending over twenty five years learning about myself and others through different modalities of Eastern and Western ways, Body, Mind, Soul connection, travelling the world, learning from the most famous, wealthiest, poorest people, has taught me one thing. We all want to feel Love and to be Loved. 

It doesn't matter where we come from for it is only what we feel, what we truly feel about ourself. I have spent lots of money and time throughout my life to find true support from the heart which has usually left me feeling more disappointed and frustrated in the end. In a world where things are usually determined through monetary value and nothing else, it is truly hard to find someone who will care about holding space just for you and not their pocket book. I have designed my programs and products to shift your consciousness of thinking to allow your true authentic self to shine through. My workshops, support groups, programs are a safe place to express your feelings so you can feel yourself to create the life you deserve to live while having like minded people support you on your transformational journey. When you are able to feel and know the power of your mind, the different levels of consciousness, you will have a better understanding of yourself and others. 

We are all made up of energy and vibrate at different levels of energy. Stresses come into our energy field, by learning to recognize these shifts you can clear them to establish a better relationship with yourself, allowing you to have better relationships with others by setting the boundaries needed for you to live the life you desire. 

You can not understand other people's journey's, lives, or feelings until you have walked many miles learning to understand your own. Traveling half way across the world and back I have had a life of many journey's which has allowed me to be able to hold space for others by sharing my life lessons learned. Some come to learn just one lesson, many of us come to learn many more. 

If you feel ready to take control of your life to find your true power, release the fears holding you back, release past patterns, allow me to guide the way to finding unconditional love for yourself and others. It is never to late to live, sing, create the life you desire and are so deserving of having.


My Journey

As a Certified, Licensed Relationship Coach, Mind, Body, Soul Connection Coach, Certified Clutter Coach, Elemental Space Clearer®, Certified Infinite Possibility and Louise Hay Certified Heal Your Life® Teacher it is my mission to guide you to create, live and sing the life you came here to live.

Starting out in the beauty and healing arts industry it allowed me to learn, grow and become the person I am today. Earning a PhD in Life Experiences and Skills. Spending several years healing, coaching and showing people how to take care of themselves it brought me on a journey of owning my own Dayspa, travelling and living in the Caribbean, where I met some of the most famous, wealthiest and poorest people in the world. Learning some of my greatest lessons from them for we always believe the grass is greener on the other side.

Always feeling different from friends, family and people I met, there was always still a connection that brought us together. A connection of kindness, love, compassion and understanding, as the years went on I learned more about people, energy and how we vibrate on different levels of consciousness.  Always having a great passion for the mind, body, soul connection it allowed me to learn about the gifts we all come with. We have to unleash them and allow our true authentic self to shine through for we all have them hiding inside us. 

Some of my other training modalities and certifications over the years include: Aesthetics, Massage, Therapeutic Touch, Mental Health First Aid, Reiki, Reflexology, Meditation, Chakra Healing and Balancing, Energy Medicine, Quantum Biofeedback, Spiritual Life Coaching, Clutter Clearing, Elemental Space Clearing®, Certified Card Reader, Crystal Healing, Certified Angel Guide, Sound Healing, Feng Shui Interior Design, Colour Therapy and many more for I have a passion for learning for I believe you can never know to much for there is always something to learn and grow from.


 My Products 

I created my products for when I was going through challenges in life, I wished I could have purchased a beautiful gift set that made me feel the bump in the road was just a bump and not a dead end sign. Something that would give me hope, inspire me, motivate me, encourage me to move forward. As we experience life lessons we need encouragement to know we will get through them. These carefully crafted products will help shift your consciousness to a path of clearer thinking. Guide you on a journey so you can live the life your deserve by reminding you, you are pure unconditional love. 

As you release your fears, patterns, find unconditional love, believe in yourself, protect, clear, find your true power, you will be guided through to hear your divine messages on your way to a new journey of creating the life you came here to live. 

Create, live, sing with our unique crystal vibrational essence sprays, crystals grids, signature crystal gift sets. All of our crystal products hold their natural healing abilities, then have been carefully cleansed with green photo light to remove previous energies, enhanced with Quantum Biofeedback Technology through a computer program using hertz frequency to shift, remove stresses in your energy field to help eliminate emotional, physical problems occurring in your life. They will guide you through life to a road less travelled so you can start guiding yourself to creating a new chapter in your life book. 


Private Speaking Engagements 

Offering custom workshops for your business on wellness, building healthy relationships, self development, personal improvement, self awareness to provide clarity on the mind, body, soul connection so you can create the work environment you desire.  We all vibrate at different energy levels, with a better understanding of the levels of consciousness you will create a better work environment between each other.  Allow abundance, prosperity, peace, joy, gratitude, happiness surround you and your staff so you can create, live, sing each day together. 

You can pick from one of my workshops or I can customized one to your needs, wants, desires. Contact me directly to discuss booking a private workshop for your work place. Can be held as part of a staff meeting, personal party, mental health day, wellness day or any other occasion you may be hosting.


Corporate Coaching

Sometimes we feel lost, not sure which way to turn, need some direction, need guidance. Allow me to guide you on a journey of creating the life we came here to live. Release the fears and patterns holding you back, set better boundaries, remove blocks, build better relationships so you can bring in the abundance, prosperity, peace, joy and happiness your deserve. Contact me directly to start creating a new story for your self and business.