About Us

It is our mission to guide you on a journey of creating divine space for your soul. As we journey through our life we face many challenges and emotions that come our way. There are times where we get lost, blocked and feel so alone. As you journey through those times allow us at Live Simply Divine to guide you on hearing the whispers of your soul.



As a Certified Coach, Certified Infinite Possibility and Louise Hay Certified Heal Your Life® Teacher it is my mission to guide you to create, live and sing the tune you came here to sing.

Starting out in the beauty and healing arts industry it allowed me to learn, grow and become the person I am today. Earning a PhD in Life Experiences and Skills. Spending several years healing, coaching and showing people how to take care of themselves it brought me on a journey of owning my own Dayspa, travelling and living in the Caribbean, where I met and worked on some of the most famous and wealthiest people in the world. Learning some of my greatest lessons from them for we always think the grass is greener on the other side.

As we walk through life, challenges come our way and I have faced and conquered many which allows me to show compassion and love to those facing theirs. You never know how to deal with life situations until you have walked the journey yourself. Join me at one of my monthly meetups, online memberships or attend a workshop and allow me to show you how you can create divine space for your soul, believe in yourself and create infinite possibilities to sing the tune you came here to sing.



Jenna is the niece of Tina as you will find out for she only calls her Auntie, not boss. Following in her Aunt's footsteps, she has a passion for children and youth empowerment to guide them at Believing in themselves. She is starting her life journey on empowering girls and women to dress for success and sing the tune you came here to sing. Her passion for looking and feeling your best is shown through her creative side and passion for nails, hair and makeup. Beauty starts from the inside but you are never fully dressed without a smile and lipstick as she says. Allow her to guide you on a new journey of creating divine space for your soul.