Divine Space Community - Meetup

Divine Space Community - Meetup

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Looking for a community of like minded people to support, guide and hear the whispers of your soul?

Start speaking from your true authentic self, your soul's voice, the one that you have hidden away and need to release. The voice of your heart the one you have been longing to use but lost somewhere along the way. The true voice that comes from within you, from the heart, the one we long to use but have pushed away. It is time, It is time to unlock the chains and allow our true authentic self to shine through. 

Join our monthly meetup community so you can be supported, guided and feel less alone. We will meet once monthly in person for two and half hours to hear your true whisper of the soul. Meet like minded people that will support and guide you on your new journey. We do not come on this journey to feel better, we come to transcend to a brand new you. Start singing your tune today and don't die with your music still in you. 

Each month we will release fears and patterns that no longer serve us to allow us to grow and shine the light that has been hiding inside us all along. Every month we will focus on a divine topic of:

Releasing Our Fears, Finding our True Power, Guiding The Way, Guide You Through, Releasing Past Patterns, Unconditional Love, Cleansing Your Frequency Field, I Believe In Me, Infinite Possibilities, Willingness To Change, Creating A Life Book and Angels, Guides and Our Care Team. 

We will meet at the same location of The Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce located at 100 Ordze Avenue. Just off Wye Road and The Anthony Henday when you first come into Sherwood Park across from the A & W restaurant, Meeting every month so you can create divine space for your soul. 

Monday Morning Meetup held from 10am to 12:30pm.

Evening Monthly Meetup held from 6pm to 8:30pm.

February 27 - Release My Fears

March 20 - Releasing Past Patterns

April 24 - Cleanse My Space

May 15 - Guardian Angels, Guides and Your Support Team

June 19 - Finding Your True Power

Join monthly for a low fee of $45 each month to be sure your seat is reserved for limited number of spots or attend the ones that whisper to you. Start listening to the whispers of your soul and create the divine space your soul came here to sing, meet like minded people and receive a special gift for your soul to carry you on your journey. 

For more information, please text 7802328462 with any questions.