Offering Workshops, Private Speaking Engagements, Corporate Coaching and Wholesale Product Sales.


Private Speaking Engagements And Workshops

Offering custom workshops for your business on wellness, self development, personal improvement, self awareness to provide clarity on the mind, body, soul connection so you can create the work environment you desire.  We all vibrate at different energy levels, with a better understanding of the levels of consciousness you will create a better work environment between each other.  Allow abundance, prosperity, peace, joy, gratitude, happiness surround you and your staff so you can create, live, sing each day together. 

You can pick from the many workshops I offer or one can be customized to your needs, wants and desires. Contact me directly to discuss booking a private workshop for your work place. Can be held as part of a staff meeting, personal party, mental health day, wellness day or any other occasion you may be hosting.


Corporate Coaching

Sometimes we feel lost, not sure which way to turn, need some direction, need guidance. Allow me to guide you on a journey of creating the life we came here to live. Release the fears and patterns holding you back, set better boundaries, remove blocks, build better relationships so you can bring in the abundance, prosperity, peace, joy and happiness your deserve. Contact me directly to start creating a new story for your self and business.


Simply Divine Wholesale Product Sales