Gift box of crystals with an affirmation card and cloth carrying pouch

Cleanse my Space Crystal Set

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Introducing our Cleanse my Space signature crystal set, featuring five powerful stones known for their unique properties. This set includes quartz, moonstone, hematite, onyx, and selenite, each carefully selected for their ability to bring balance and tranquility to your life.

Quartz, a master energy conduit, is known for its ability to amplify energy and promote clarity of thought.

Moonstone, a stone of inner growth and strength, helps to soothe emotional instability and enhance intuition.

Hematite, a grounding stone, promotes focus and concentration, while also providing protection against negative energies.

Onyx, a stone of resilience and strength, is believed to bring inner peace and calmness during times of stress and anxiety.

And finally, selenite, a powerful cleansing stone, helps to purify negative energy and promote a sense of tranquility and spiritual awareness.

This crystal set is perfect for those seeking to enhance their spiritual journey, promote inner peace and serenity, and cleanse negative energy from your frequency field. Each stone is hand-selected and enhanced with biofeedback technology to ensure the highest quality and energy alignment. Bring the power of nature into your life with this exquisite crystal set, and experience the transformative power of these five powerful stones.